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Innovative real-time manufacturing solutions.
ERP Systems / Enterprise
ERP Systems
What we do.
Provide affordable software modules.
Provide enhancements to your existing software systems.

Our thin client architecture is:
Modular. Add just the functionality you want to your system. You don't have to install an entire MES or ERP solution.

Portable. Our modules run across multiple platforms.

Extendible. We can easily add new functionality to our modules as your needs change.

Scalable. Our modules can run on a stand alone PC, a network or across a multi-location organization.

Our Specialties
We specialize in ERP systems and manufacturing execution systems for manufacturing. We offer over twenty five thin client modules including CRM, SCM and production scheduling.
Manufacturing Software
Manufacturing Software

What makes Tuppas different?

We make our products fit our customers instead of making our customers fit our products.
We strive to provide the best customer service and innovative yet affordable manufacturing software solutions to our clients.

Our primary focus is to provide lean, affordable software solutions - fast.

MES and ERP systems
Custom fitSmooth integration
All of our browser based ERP and MES modules are highly configurable and we provide the source to our customers. Our thin client framework makes modifications fast and easy, even across a large enterprise.Custom enhancements and modules are easily integrated into existing systems.
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Tuppas Manufacturing Software

Tuppas offers browser-based manufacturing software. Our software is available on a modular basis, so that you only purchase and maintain what you really need. All of our software is configurable. We start with a base module and tailor it to fit each of our client's unique needs. Our manufacturing systems can also be seamlessly integrated with your current enterprise systems. We can import and export data from and to accounting systems, inventory systems, SRM systems, CRM systems, ERP systems and even "home grown" applications.

Manufacturing software systems help manage and monitor work in process on the factory floor. Tuppas provides a comprehensive collection of plant level MES (manufacturing execution systems) modules which can be purchased as a collection or individually. Our MES systems can be easily deployed on PCs and hand held wireless devices across an entire enterprise.

Benefits of Manufacturing Software

Most manufacturing execution software is designed to improve productivity, reduce order-to-ship times, and eliminate costly rework. Most industries that implement manufacturing execution system (MES) software view cycle-time, which is the total time to produce an order, as an important key performance indicator. Some of the benefits include:
  • Greater visibility and control
  • Reduced lead time
  • Reduced manufacturing costs
  • Increased production
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced defects and scrap
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Reduced work in process
  • Reduced inventory
  • Improved traceability
  • Reduced paper work, data entry, manpower

Tuppas ERP Systems

Tuppas offers browser-based enterprise software modules. Like the manufacturing modules, all of these software modules are tailored for each client. We help each client determine what functionality and features are needed for a given module or collection of modules for their situation and environment. We then configure a base module that will perfectly fit the client's needs.

We also integrate with any systems a client may have in place, if desired. Our ERP systems can be set up to import and export from and to a wide variety of other software systems. A nice, unique feature about our ERP systems is that modules can be added one at a time, at any time. Small scale implementations which tackle one or two functional areas at a time are much easier and more likely to succeed than a full scale conversion of an enterprise's ERP systems.

Tuppas Government Systems

Tuppas offers specialized government systems as well. We have created applications which help law enforcement organizations as well as other highly specialized government systems. Our browser-based applications lend themselves nicely to anywhere access for government personnel. We offer time tracking, project management and other specialized applications as well.

Key Features of Tuppas Manufacturing Software, ERP Systems and Government Systems

  • Ability to perform the desired tasks
  • Ability to be customized if needed
  • Ability to be integrated with other software systems
When it comes to software, each organization will have its own unique needs at any given point in time. A system that lends itself to changes, integration and the addition of new modules are the features that are becoming more and more important to software buyers.

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