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Latest Tech Updates

Sept 2006 - Thin client scheduling system for injection molding.


Lean Six Sigma

Made In The USA
All Tuppas software, labor, helpdesk and support services are proudly made and offered from the USA.


Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence

Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Software

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma have begun to be fused into a more powerful and effective hybrid. This combined approach shows far more potential than either does alone. A growing number of companies are combining these two disciplines to remove waste and increase the consistency of processes.

Traditionally, many companies have adopted one or the other as their primary approach to operational improvement, or in some cases used both but as fairly independent tools. Increasingly, however, companies are seeing the benefit of combining the two techniques into a more integrated strategy that uses the best of each approach, which can be highly complementary. Many believe that a Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma strategy is the best way to improve overall supply chain results and tackle process improvement more holistically.

Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence

Applying Lean Six Sigma and AI in Manufacturing Systems

As the manufacturing industry becomes increasingly competitive, sophisticated technology has emerged to improve both production performance and quality. Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing can be applied to a variety of lean six sigma systems. It can recognize patterns, plus perform time consuming and mentally challenging tasks. Artificial Intelligence can optimize your production schedule and production runs. Tuppas offers a collection of data entry, reporting and production scheduling devices designed to implement a lean six sigma solution that is agile and easily extended as new opportunities arise. Our artificial intelligence routines can also be incorporated into production planning and replenishment functions to dramatically improve the efficiency of lean six sigma and lean manufacturing replenishment scenarios.

Request Info/Demo: Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence

Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence

The Emergence of Lean Six Sigma

Bringing these two concepts together delivers faster results by establishing baseline performance levels and focusing the use of statistical tools where they will have the most impact. Once lean techniques eliminate much of the waste from processes, Six Sigma software offers a sequential problem-solving procedure, the MAIC cycle (design/measure, analyze, improve and control), and statistical tools so that potential causes are not overlooked, and viable solutions to chronic problems can be discovered. You need both Lean (speed and efficiency) and Six Sigma (quality) principles and tools to drive improvements and achieve the best competitive position.

Six Sigma Software Advantages

  • View your best product runs and the corresponding settings.
  • Increase efficiency and quality by using optimal settings from past production.
  • Artificial Intelligence can optimize your schedule beyond normal human capabilities.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating downtime due to unpredictable changes in the schedule.

  • See more screenshots and descriptions

    Intelligent Software for Leaner Manufacturing

    Our artificial intelligence software for scheduling is based on genetic scheduling algorhythms which translate your scheduling goals into ordered tasks based on their importance. Tuppas Artificial Intelligence for Scheduling is designed to optimize your schedule based on your requirements. We design the software to recognize various levels of priority based on numerical associations. For example, if you are more concerned with a product or project due date than machine efficiency, but you want the system to optimize both, we would program your system to give higher priority to the due date but still optimize for machine efficiency.

    AI in Closed Loop Production Optimization

    Artificial Intelligence software for closed loop production optimization compares your goals to actual production runs. We have designed algorithms that analyze which of your past runs come closest to meeting your goals for the current production run, then present you with the best process settings for the current job. Our AI software presents a machine setting "recipe" to your staff which they can use to create the best results. This allows your production staff to execute progressively more efficient runs by leveraging information collected from past production runs.

    Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Software for Streamlined Manufacturing

    The ability that American manufacturers now have with software that allows them to capture data and use it to improve processes and eliminate waste can give them an edge over foreign competition. Fully integrated, adaptable and agile systems are allowing manufacturers to move consistently towards more efficient and profitable operations.

    Why choose Tuppas?

    Our modules offer flexibility to grow as your business changes. A few reasons to choose our configurable systems include:

    Pricing. Tuppas has developed a unique framework which helps to keep the development cycle short and module pricing at a minimum.

    SaaS. Software as a Service virtually eliminates risks and large expenses associated with a system purchase.

    Tailored. Each module is designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

    Browser Based. Internet access is instantly available from any secure browser.

    Wireless. Access your software system instantly with Pocket Pcs, PDAs, smart phones and more.

    About the Software
    Tuppas has designed a programming framework on top of Microsoft's ASP and ASP .Net platform which allows us to offer you the the following advantages over other manufacturing software vendors:

    • We tailor each program you purchase specifically for you.
      Your employees will not find confusing fields or functionality you don't need in your software. Each configurable program will be setup to fit perfectly in your situation.
    • We offer a customizable open source.
      Whether we make the modifications or show you how to do it yourself, it's no longer a hassle to change the way your manufacturing software works. We open our source to your team. They can add fields, change report layouts and more, whenever you like.
    • It's scalable.
      Our software can grow and change as your business needs change. Since we offer a browser based thin client interface, it can easily be extended to multiple locations. A thin client structure also means that updates and changes to a multi-location enterprise are quick and easy.
    • We use a Model Driven Architecture
      Our software was developed using Model Driven Architecture MDA. It allows us to offer a customizable product that can be easily upgraded as technology changes. Your team will not need to rebuild your system every 7-10 years.

    Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence Benefits

    • Reduced IT software support requirement
    • Reduced hardware and servers
    • Intuitive, configurable system interfaces
    • Reduction in software training
    • Customizable open source code
    • Cost of future innovation is dramatically decreased
    • Ability to respond to new opportunities increases

    A Configurable System
    Each of the customizable ERP software programs we offer can integrate with your existing system and  be tailored to your specifications. We can do this for you or your IT personnel can make the modifications. More Info
    Thanks for visiting and learning about our erp systems Lean Six Sigma Software with Artificial Intelligence.

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