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Latest Tech Updates

Sept 2006 - Thin client scheduling system for injection molding.


Made In The USA
All Tuppas software, labor, helpdesk and support services are proudly made and offered from the USA.


Manufacturing Bar Code Software

Tuppas Manufacturing Bar Code Software Overview

Our manufacturing bar code software brings efficiency, accuracy and visibility to all of your manufacturing processes. We offer real-time RF interfaces that can be connected to any ODBC database including SQL Server.

Our solution brings data to people who need it throughout your enterprise. The manufacturing bar code software easily captures production and QA data from serial barcode scanners, RFID scanners and keyboard wedge scanners. Our manufacturing bar code software can collect production counts, product changeovers, downtime and other efficiency data.

We can help you bring critical, real-time data from the plant floor with Windows CE, Pocket PCs and other hand-held devices. Custom alarming and data push make your events actionable and give you the data you need to make critical decisions.

Manufacturing Bar Code Software

Tuppas Manufacturing Bar Code Software Features

  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Job Tracking and WIP
  • Production Reporting
  • SPC, SQC and Defect Tracking
  • Scrap Reporting
  • Software supports direct thermal and thermal transfer bar code printing using a variety of commercially available bar code label design and printing technologies.
  • Easily integrated with your existing enterprise-wide CRM, ERP and MES software
  • Browser based manufacturing bar code software used via Intranet or Internet allows access from multiple locations including PDAs and Smart Phones.

Request Info/Demo: Manufacturing Bar Code Software

Manufacturing Bar Code Software

Why choose Tuppas?

Our modules offer flexibility to grow as your business changes. A few reasons to choose our configurable systems include:

Pricing. Tuppas has developed a unique framework which helps to keep the development cycle short and module pricing at a minimum.

SaaS. Software as a Service virtually eliminates risks and large expenses associated with a system purchase.

Tailored. Each module is designed to meet the specific requirements of each client.

Browser Based. Internet access is instantly available from any secure browser.

Wireless. Access your software system instantly with Pocket Pcs, PDAs, smart phones and more.

About the Software
Tuppas has designed a programming framework on top of Microsoft's ASP and ASP .Net platform which allows us to offer you the the following advantages over other manufacturing software vendors:

  • We tailor each program you purchase specifically for you.
    Your employees will not find confusing fields or functionality you don't need in your software. Each configurable program will be setup to fit perfectly in your situation.
  • We offer a customizable open source.
    Whether we make the modifications or show you how to do it yourself, it's no longer a hassle to change the way your manufacturing software works. We open our source to your team. They can add fields, change report layouts and more, whenever you like.
  • It's scalable.
    Our software can grow and change as your business needs change. Since we offer a browser based thin client interface, it can easily be extended to multiple locations. A thin client structure also means that updates and changes to a multi-location enterprise are quick and easy.
  • We use a Model Driven Architecture
    Our software was developed using Model Driven Architecture MDA. It allows us to offer a customizable product that can be easily upgraded as technology changes. Your team will not need to rebuild your system every 7-10 years.

Manufacturing Bar Code Software Benefits

  • Reduced IT software support requirement
  • Reduced hardware and servers
  • Intuitive, configurable system interfaces
  • Reduction in software training
  • Customizable open source code
  • Cost of future innovation is dramatically decreased
  • Ability to respond to new opportunities increases

A Configurable System
Each of the customizable ERP software programs we offer can integrate with your existing system and  be tailored to your specifications. We can do this for you or your IT personnel can make the modifications. More Info
Thanks for visiting and learning about our erp systems Manufacturing Bar Code Software.

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