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$98 Monthly Site License. Covers all PCs at a given location. There are no per seat fees.
$49 Monthly Help Desk. Help desk fee for customer support.
$49 Data connector/integrator monthly fee. Utility to maintain data connection to Tuppas module. Supports connections for timed import and export and maintenance between Tuppas data tables and your datasources.

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Thank you for your interest in Tuppas!

    Tuppas modules are available as a hosted solution. The recurring monthly fees are listed above. The license covers a site/location; there are no fees per seat. Help desk support is not required but highly suggested. Tuppas is willing to customize our modules to meet the needs of our customers. Additional fees apply to customizations. You are free cancel your Tuppas subscription at any time. We're excited to offer you competitive advantage and to help you innovate.

    Upon receipt of this confirmation your module and data region will be setup and you will be contacted at your contact email(above) with module login information. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us. Or call us at +1 877-897-7902

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Production Scheduling

Helps generate a visual "production plan" as to sequencing your production based on Bill of Materials, Routings and/or other factors. The system incorporates visual tools that can be used to coordinate master planning across an enterprise or finite schedules within a plant.

Production Reporting

Organizes production data (from automation or manual data entry) to provide insight into your plant/work center productivity. Actual production is compared to established standards. Efficiencies are calculated and data can be presented in real-time interfaces as well as with reporting/charting and graphing tools.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Tracks downtime, quality and production rates to provide graphical reporting on OEE rates and the three production points which comprise the calculation. Easy to use entry screens and configurable reporting. Also tracks corrective actions.


Inventory for finished goods and/or WIP products including receiving parts/finished goods. Our inventory systems allow directed picking and put away. Implementations are also available with EDI capabilities.

Total Quality Management

This collection helps track various aspects of quality data, and provides an integrated approach to quality management. They can be purchased individually or in any combination as well.


The Tuppas Purchasing module will manage Purchase Orders and Purchase Requisitions and the requisition approval process. The Module can be equipped with material requirements planning capabilities and it can be integrated with production scheduleing and forecasting.

Downtime Reporting

Organizes downtime data from automation or manual data entry. Downtime is compared to established standards. Efficiencies are calculated and data can be presented in real-time interfaces as well as with reporting/charting and graphing tools. Relationships can be drawn between downtime summaries and external factors like types of preventative maintenance as an example.

Financials & Accounting

Thin client financials which can be integrated with the ull collection of Tuppas ERP modules or with solutions from other ERP and MES Vendors.

Defect Tracking

Track defects with real-time reporting capabilities. Optional notation of where the defect occurred with use of a product schematic. Scatter gram reporting is available to show defect areas on relevant products.

Closed Loop Manufacturing/Green Manufacturing

Our closed loop manufacturing module creates process studies that will help your team to create optimized production recipes to decrease energy consumption, raw material waste and improve quality. The solution helps your process people study your best runs and duplicate them. It's “Green Manufacturing” technology that adds to your bottom line.

Project Management

Tuppas offers a collection of project management modules, planning boards and wireless technologies to monitor and create and maintain project timelines.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

Tuppas offers agile CRM solutions that can accomodate advanced estimating, quoting, order management and sales force management requirements. Our solutions are highly conigurable allowing you to continue to treat your customers to service and issues resolution that is far superior to your competition.

KPI Software

The Tuppas KPI, Key Performance Indicators module offers business intelligence dash boards, score cards and reports that help users analyze the overall health and performance of the business and its’ segments. Tuppas is in a unique position to provide these tools not only because it offers outstanding graphical reporting tools, but also because we can quickly augment plant level systems to gather critical data.

Cost Accounting/Job Costing/Product Costing

Tuppas cost accounting solutions collect and report on a wide variety of the actual and computed costs for labor, raw materials, energy and indirect costs that occur in your facility. The system can calculate profit and loss by job, service, product and product family. Tuppas costing systems can be connected to our plant level systems as well as to legacy systems you might already possess.

Business Apps

Tuppas offers a collection of business apps for Smartphones, iPhones and netbook devices that are mobile wireless devices. These systems are often extensions of our existing solutions or smaller stand alone wireless solutions.

Material Requirements Planning

Tuppas Material Requirements Planning modules calculate raw materials replenishment. The module calculates replenishment based on your current inventory in relationship to sales orders, production orders, in-bound purchases and production schedules. Tuppas MRP can also be integrated with options like sales forecasts and extended Bills of Material.

Job Tracking

Locate jobs in process, forecast completion dates and optional employee performance monitoring. Job tracking modules often include a browser based planning board that can be used by production management or by sales and service for customer feedback.

Scrap Reporting

Track how, where, when, why scrap occurred with the use of Pareto charts and data entry.

Tuppas is the best choice!
  • Tuppas solutions work on almost every browser and operating system
  • Agile, configurable architecture lets you out perform competitors
  • Your IT people can change the screens, reports and charts
  • Wide range of included apps for wireless and mobile devices
  • Easily integrates with existing systems and plant automation
  • Extremely easy distribution and management accross your network
  • You always work with a person who will produce results, not help desk people.
  • All design and support done in USA